The War of the Gods

Duncan, Zero, Azure, Bob & Hunzu

Duncan gets up early and arrives at the front of the pub. He bought 20 days trail rations [40g], a bedroll [39g 9s], flint and steel [38g 9s] and hempen rope [37g 9s], 2 torches [37g 7s], and 2 pitchers of ale [37g 3s]. He starts sipping one of his pitchers as he waits for Zero to arrive. “I have a feelin’ this one’s gonna be a ball of fun.”

Bob 1

Bob wakes up in the middle of a field knowing only that he is a paladin in the service of Asmodeus and that apparently he has a scythe, hide armor, a waterskin, and 10 days of rations. Everything else from his life appears to be gone. As he goes to stand he feels very beat up as though he had been fighting. (Lose 5 healing surges) He looks around and sees that he appears to be in a small clearing of a forest. After this he hears a whisper he assumes from his god of (sarcasm)“Good luck.”.

Adran, Freesia & Lotus 1

Lotus: I introduce myself to the other two as “the great ninja pixie, Lotus,” in a very, almost overly, cheery manner. I also include it will be a pleasure working with ya guys and ask them their names. If I have not already been assumed to do so.

Zero & Azure 1

Azure tells Zero after eating that they should look for the person that was looking for them earlier that day.

I think Zero needs to make an int check to make sure he understands… I mean… he isnt all that bright…

“Hey Zero! Somepony.. I mean.. someone was looking for you! You should really look for this person. It sounded important :o”

RE: Azure Dash 1

I suppose what I am doing mostly depends on what Zero is doing.

Will need to wait for a RE: Zero to better determine my actions.


I suppose I would be carrying supplies and furs around…

At least this fool feeds me…

DM: You also heard the person calling out for Zero while you were at the market and realized that it shouldn’t be ignored. Look to post with both names for the rest.

Re: Zero 1

I would like to do three different checks. First check is a perception check 1d20(13+10)=23 on all my traps to see if I have caught anything new. Second check would be a streetwise check to see if anyone buys my fur (if I caught anything) 1d20(1+5)=6. Final check would be a nature check to see if I can set my traps back up 1d20(8+5)=13. Finals act would be to use some of my rations to feed myself and Azure.

DM: You didn’t have the need to relocate any of the traps that you had originally placed down. You found that 2 of your traps had sprung. The first trap had a rabbit and the second trap was empty. You manage to reset both traps. You don’t manage to sell any of the furs you currently have and although you heard someone looking for you, you never thought to find them. Expend one food ration because the rabbit will be the other food ration.

Re: Freesia 1

I would like to perform an insight check against my teammates to figure out what they are like and what their intentions for joining the military. Roll [1d20]20 + 0. YAY.

DM: This is for the comment as well. All you know is that Lotus seems to be carefully watching everything that you and Adran are carrying. You make the assumption that she is some kind of thief. Then based on what you had been told of Adran you know him to be a killer and make sure not to cross him. After which you begin to walk around the city aimlessly when another soldier of higher rank asks you what you think you are doing considering you should be almost leaving on your mission. It looks as though you might be about to run from the army. You quickly inform him as to what you were doing and he tells you to return to your squad.

Adran 1

At the age of 2 your parents left on a long journey across the rest of the world and left you in the care of a family friend. His name is no longer important to you because at the age of 7 you sacrificed him to your newly found lord Zehir. It took the elves several months to finally track you down and even then several of their officers and very nasty wounds. They imprisoned you for the next 16 years of your life where you continually hurt the guards whenever you had a chance. During the most recent year you were approached asking if you wouldn’t mind killing some dwarves for Zehir. Upon contemplating on this you saw that this was probably the only way to be able to kill for the time being and accepted. They gave you a sling + 1, a waterskin, 10 days of rations, 5 sunrods, a backpack, and magic armor. You are told to lead a raid against a nearby outpost that was lost to the dwarves. You have two pixies that will accompany you during the raid. The captain wants it to be a night raid using stealth to your advantage but as long as it works he doesn’t care. Once the dwarves are dead you are to light three sunrods in the form of a triangle to signal the garrison to move in.

RE: Lotus 1

I want a description of those traveling with me to this outpost. Also I want to make an assessment on their equipment, especially those objects that look like they are easy to liberate from their owners.
Here’s a perception check to that end: 23

DM: You have two other companions traveling with you to this outpost. Both of whom are carrying magic weapon and armor. They also have a few sunrods and a backpack. You don’t know what is in the backpack but realize that they are on alert considering you were told that the half elf was recently in jail. You also have a pixie in your group that also seems very alert due to the known killer in their group.

I introduce myself to the other two as “the great ninja pixie, Lotus,” in a very, almost overly, cheery manner. I also include it will be a pleasure working with ya guys and ask them their names. If I have not already been assumed to do so.

Hunzu 1

You have lived on the Island since it was first created by the undersea volcanoes. You saw the original use of the graveyard as a temple to Lolth but since it’s creation other groups have since moved to the island. After the Lolth temple emptied you decided that you wanted to watch some other group of creatures. Thus the next group of adventurers to land on the island were slowly manipulated by your psionic powers to remain here building a village. With the start of said village the three other cities were slowly founded and began to grow. Currently you are watching the recent developments in the village and have heard of the war between the dwarves and the elves. You have no equipment but over the course of the years you have picked up about 3000 gold pieces and hidden them on the mountains. None off the villagers currently know that you are actually alive.


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