The War of the Gods

RE: Zyna 1

Character is going to the Dwarven city Gillham from there will make a stealth check activate lurking spider stance and speak in elvish language if not spotted or have Dwarf looking around i will shoot an arrow at the closest Dwarf with a note saying your kings next, in response to Lolth’s last command. (Stealth Check: 31) 16+11+4(Aspect of Lurking Spider+Ambush)

DM: First your stealth check is only a 29 because ambush states specifically allies gain a +2 to stealth this does not include you. Then you do start traveling to where you have the idea that the dwarven city of Gillham is but get lost in all the mountains that look alike. You have spent a total of two days looking for any signs of the dwarves but find nothing. Use up 2 days worth of rations.

Since I’m stealthed and not want to ask for directions i’ll use dungeoneering and nature to find city i.e flora fauna footprints debris etc that might lead me to the city Dungeoneering is 24 (15+9) Nature is 29 (20+9) if i still havent found my way. On top of that if I still havent found my way or unsure I also use my perception and insight to listen for fighting, or celebrating or any noises that are human. perception 25 (16+9) insight 18 (14+4)

DM: Actually the amount of skill checks that you just did caused conflicting results. Your dungeoneering pointed you one way while nature told you to go another. When applying the insight check to this you choose to go the dungeoneering path over the nature path. During your time you listen and look for any sign of people but hear and see no one. However, based on this you are almost positive that no one has seen you in the past 3 days. Also this means your waterskin is now empty and you are down to 7 days of rations.

In that case I will use the nature route on account of that was the higher of the two picks the insight check was a wrong option and to conserve food i’ll hunt should i roll seperate prception and nature? as well as listen for water using perception. If so Nature is 25 (16+9) and perception is 23 (14+9)

DM: Your nature check for food finds you food and water so your waterskin is restocked and you now have 11 days of food. However, you can not decide which dice rolls were used. As those previous dice rolls were already done. The new perception check yeilds no new results as you don’t see anything out of the ordinary. By the way it was probably a better idea to use a day to gather food as rolling the same check twice in a row leads to a -5 penalty. So you have currently found food but are unable to take the path granted by the previous nature check due to an insight failed roll. Along with I rolled a saving throw for you at the point which also failed.

That case i switch my at will stance to aspect of the falcon giving me 2 perception only taking -3 next i use perception to find a path and nature to make sure i’m headed the right direction perception 26 (189+2-3) and Nature 24 (20+9-5) CRIT!!!!! I also did a second perception and nature ONLY if i needed to and as a precaution in case you said yes.

Azure Dash 1

You are originally from one of the continents off of this island. You only remember that it was a forest of some kind but since they locked you up for transport you have no knowledge of the distance you traveled before reaching the village of Carn. You were purchased by a Deva name Zero. You have since become allies of a sort and continue to just hunt for food and furs to make a better living.

Zyna 1

Zyna doesn’t remember anything about her past. You know that upon finding yourself in infinite darkness you were offered a position as a minion of the Raven Queen. Upon your acceptance she told you to help the battalion of Lolths’ that has stationed itself in the graveyard of Fales. Upon arriving in Fales the followers of Lolth gave you some basic military equipment. This included a longbow + 1, leather armor + 1, backpack, 5 sunrods, a waterskin, and 10 days of rations. They then told you to travel around and disturb any of the normal on goings of the nearby cities. They also warn you not to allow anyone to know that there is anything happening inside the graveyard.

Zero 1

You came into being in the village of Carn and began to live the life as a hunter. You have since gained some cloth armor, a house, a waterskin, 25 gold pieces, and a backpack. You have recently sent for a greatsword from one of the mainland cities but it has yet to arrive. You have a small house and a pony named Azure. You purchased her at market only a year ago and quickly learned that she was much better than a normal pony. Since then you have normally been seen have Azure help you in hunts and other basic things. You also have about 4 days worth of food stored from hunting trips. You also have a holy symbol given to by a passing traveler that also followed Pelor.

Lotus 1

Lotus was originally from the forest of Melendy but left on a journey at the age of 10. She left to get away from the other children of the village who always looked down on her. This was partly due to her religion but mostly because she kept stealing their toys. She traveled around the world and has a general knowledge of most places. She continued stealing from different races and people until about a year ago when she stole from a passing ninja. This ninja sent her back to Melendy where she arrived less than a week ago. She found that her parents had also died in the war like Freesia. She was then drafted into the army and was given a magic weapon, magic armor, 10 days of food, a waterskin, 10 sunrods, and a backpack. This was because the ninja took all of the things she was carrying in order to bring them back to those she had stolen from. You have just been told that you are going to be conducting a raid on a recently lost outpost.

Freesia 1

You were born in the forest of Melendy before the war started. While you were growing up your family was shunned and lived on the outskirts of the city. This was due to you not worshiping Corellon like the rest of the city. When the war started a year ago your parents were one of the first drafted into the military and sent to the front lines. They died in the first large scale battle. They were buried along with the rest of the fallen soldiers. Upon returning home you did small jobs such as lookout and patrols but you were not drafted until your 20th birthday. Since then you were given a magic sword and armor. Along with a waterskin, provisions, and some sunrods. You are currently being sent as part of a raiding party to retake an outpost that fell to the dwarves.

Duncan 1
You are originally from the town of Lanphere. However, ever since you were little you never quite fit in. When you were the age of 5 you fought with a classmate of yours and nearly killed him. When your parents found out they searched your room and found a hidden altar to Kord. When they found this they kicked you out of the city and told you to never return. So you journeyed down the road towards the village of Carn. You had heard that they didn’t care who you worshiped as long as you kept it to yourself. You ended up making a life here killing pests and small creatures that were hindering the farm, hunting, or fishing the town does daily. You own a small house on the outskirts of the village near the sparse forest and have since purchased a scythe, hide armor, and a waterskin. You also have 5 days worth of food stored in our house and 50 gold pieces from recent work.

Here is how I am going to run this campaign.

The title of any post will be a character name(s) followed by a number. Any player action regarding the first post will start with Re: followed by the name(s) and number. These actions can be player or the myself either responding or describing something.

Please only read posts that have your character’s name in the title. This will denote that it is information that you have received.

Any rolls for skill checks will also need to be posted onto a Re: post. And anyone that wishes to assist should edit the post and add their dice roll below the original name with their character name preceding it.

Should a group or player enter into a fight I will run that encounter on the weekend either before, after or during the running of the other campaign that is going on. As long as all players are there. You can also schedule your encounter with myself and the rest of the group to be handled during the week if you prefer.

Finally, any response to a group listing by a single player will be taken as a response by every player in said group should they not respond before my second day of updates. By this I mean that if someone takes an action on the 1st of the month and I respond to the action on the 2nd, you have until I check the post on the 3rd to take an action separate from the group.

Please make sure you understand the rules and ask any questions you have I will update this post as necessary.

PS: One last thing to note is that any check that I use that the player did not give me inside of their post will be taken as a passive check. For instance talking to an npc in a threatening manner but rolling diplomacy will have me ignore the diplomacy roll and use the passive intimidate check. I will never tell you to make a roll and will not tell you which checks I used. By the way this has already happened to Will’s character.

Also to get rid of any kind of dispute with waterskins I am going with it lasting 3 days. Unless someone can show me this in a book.


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