The War of the Gods


Here is how I am going to run this campaign.

The title of any post will be a character name(s) followed by a number. Any player action regarding the first post will start with Re: followed by the name(s) and number. These actions can be player or the myself either responding or describing something.

Please only read posts that have your character’s name in the title. This will denote that it is information that you have received.

Any rolls for skill checks will also need to be posted onto a Re: post. And anyone that wishes to assist should edit the post and add their dice roll below the original name with their character name preceding it.

Should a group or player enter into a fight I will run that encounter on the weekend either before, after or during the running of the other campaign that is going on. As long as all players are there. You can also schedule your encounter with myself and the rest of the group to be handled during the week if you prefer.

Finally, any response to a group listing by a single player will be taken as a response by every player in said group should they not respond before my second day of updates. By this I mean that if someone takes an action on the 1st of the month and I respond to the action on the 2nd, you have until I check the post on the 3rd to take an action separate from the group.

Please make sure you understand the rules and ask any questions you have I will update this post as necessary.

PS: One last thing to note is that any check that I use that the player did not give me inside of their post will be taken as a passive check. For instance talking to an npc in a threatening manner but rolling diplomacy will have me ignore the diplomacy roll and use the passive intimidate check. I will never tell you to make a roll and will not tell you which checks I used. By the way this has already happened to Will’s character.

Also to get rid of any kind of dispute with waterskins I am going with it lasting 3 days. Unless someone can show me this in a book.


I have done some research on the water skin since the DM commented on it. The water skin apparently holds two quarts of water. The avg human, irl, needs about 1 quart a day minimum to survive but is not recommended by doctors and the avg American gets this only from eating. So, applying this to all humanoid creatures, I think the 3 days is a good minimal estimate, especially considering Americans do not eat trail rations. I doubt us players really need to worry about this though since it is rare not to be able to find a clean water source within 3 days.


Also Orangepez I don’t mind people reading other posts besides theirs. Just make sure your character doesn’t use the knowledge you wouldn’t have otherwise.


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