The War of the Gods

Re: Zero 1

I would like to do three different checks. First check is a perception check 1d20(13+10)=23 on all my traps to see if I have caught anything new. Second check would be a streetwise check to see if anyone buys my fur (if I caught anything) 1d20(1+5)=6. Final check would be a nature check to see if I can set my traps back up 1d20(8+5)=13. Finals act would be to use some of my rations to feed myself and Azure.

DM: You didn’t have the need to relocate any of the traps that you had originally placed down. You found that 2 of your traps had sprung. The first trap had a rabbit and the second trap was empty. You manage to reset both traps. You don’t manage to sell any of the furs you currently have and although you heard someone looking for you, you never thought to find them. Expend one food ration because the rabbit will be the other food ration.


Also after eating I pray to Pelor before going to sleep

Re: Zero 1

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