The War of the Gods

RE: Lotus 1

I want a description of those traveling with me to this outpost. Also I want to make an assessment on their equipment, especially those objects that look like they are easy to liberate from their owners.
Here’s a perception check to that end: 23

DM: You have two other companions traveling with you to this outpost. Both of whom are carrying magic weapon and armor. They also have a few sunrods and a backpack. You don’t know what is in the backpack but realize that they are on alert considering you were told that the half elf was recently in jail. You also have a pixie in your group that also seems very alert due to the known killer in their group.

I introduce myself to the other two as “the great ninja pixie, Lotus,” in a very, almost overly, cheery manner. I also include it will be a pleasure working with ya guys and ask them their names. If I have not already been assumed to do so.



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