The War of the Gods

Re: Freesia 1

I would like to perform an insight check against my teammates to figure out what they are like and what their intentions for joining the military. Roll [1d20]20 + 0. YAY.

DM: This is for the comment as well. All you know is that Lotus seems to be carefully watching everything that you and Adran are carrying. You make the assumption that she is some kind of thief. Then based on what you had been told of Adran you know him to be a killer and make sure not to cross him. After which you begin to walk around the city aimlessly when another soldier of higher rank asks you what you think you are doing considering you should be almost leaving on your mission. It looks as though you might be about to run from the army. You quickly inform him as to what you were doing and he tells you to return to your squad.


I roll a streetwise check to locate an apothecary that works for the military. Preferably one that can give out supplies. My check is 1d203 + 5 = 8… Awwww… Whoever I find I roll diplomacy to giving me healing potions to help with our operations. Diplomacy of 1d2014 + 10 = 24.

Re: Freesia 1

FYI insight does not quite work that way. It can not be that specific. You can assess whether they are there of their own will and how they are currently feeling but nothing so specific as to call them intentions. (Basically insight is the art of reading body language and detecting variations in the person(s) voice). Also I know I should not have read your post but I have been reading up on skill checks since the DM stated we should be careful as to what our actions require skill wise and thought I would start being helpful to our other players at least for a little while.

Re: Freesia 1

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