The War of the Gods

Hunzu 1

You have lived on the Island since it was first created by the undersea volcanoes. You saw the original use of the graveyard as a temple to Lolth but since it’s creation other groups have since moved to the island. After the Lolth temple emptied you decided that you wanted to watch some other group of creatures. Thus the next group of adventurers to land on the island were slowly manipulated by your psionic powers to remain here building a village. With the start of said village the three other cities were slowly founded and began to grow. Currently you are watching the recent developments in the village and have heard of the war between the dwarves and the elves. You have no equipment but over the course of the years you have picked up about 3000 gold pieces and hidden them on the mountains. None off the villagers currently know that you are actually alive.



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