The War of the Gods

Duncan 1

You are originally from the town of Lanphere. However, ever since you were little you never quite fit in. When you were the age of 5 you fought with a classmate of yours and nearly killed him. When your parents found out they searched your room and found a hidden altar to Kord. When they found this they kicked you out of the city and told you to never return. So you journeyed down the road towards the village of Carn. You had heard that they didn’t care who you worshiped as long as you kept it to yourself. You ended up making a life here killing pests and small creatures that were hindering the farm, hunting, or fishing the town does daily. You own a small house on the outskirts of the village near the sparse forest and have since purchased a scythe, hide armor, and a waterskin. You also have 5 days worth of food stored in our house and 50 gold pieces from recent work.



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