The War of the Gods

Adran 1

At the age of 2 your parents left on a long journey across the rest of the world and left you in the care of a family friend. His name is no longer important to you because at the age of 7 you sacrificed him to your newly found lord Zehir. It took the elves several months to finally track you down and even then several of their officers and very nasty wounds. They imprisoned you for the next 16 years of your life where you continually hurt the guards whenever you had a chance. During the most recent year you were approached asking if you wouldn’t mind killing some dwarves for Zehir. Upon contemplating on this you saw that this was probably the only way to be able to kill for the time being and accepted. They gave you a sling + 1, a waterskin, 10 days of rations, 5 sunrods, a backpack, and magic armor. You are told to lead a raid against a nearby outpost that was lost to the dwarves. You have two pixies that will accompany you during the raid. The captain wants it to be a night raid using stealth to your advantage but as long as it works he doesn’t care. Once the dwarves are dead you are to light three sunrods in the form of a triangle to signal the garrison to move in.


Addressing the negotiator:

“Freedom AND license to kill? You drive a hard bargain. I will miss having fresh meals delivered to my cell everyday, and the complimentary training dummies that came with the meal.”

“I can take care of your dwarven infestation. However, I require every piece of intelligence available regarding the area [layout, traps, etc.], enemy resources [weaponry, ammunition, etc.], security [patrols, schedules, etc.], and of course, my “resources” [my allies, as well as anything else they can provide me]."

Adran 1

DM: All of the information that we have is on the fort itself. It is a wall about 15 feet high with a 5 foot walkway along the inside. There is no longer a gate gaurding either of the 2 entrances as they were broken down by the dwarves. As for their equipment assume dwarven war party but we don’t know anything with certainty. We don’t know the size of the garison or any of their schedules. Also not that inside the wall is a small building one floor with a single room. The allies were just recently added to my command and thus you will have to ask them as I am far to busy for such meeningless tasks. Just make sure the signal gets lit when everything is clear.

Adran 1

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